Slippers – this season’s most sought-after shoes. Really?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 16th April 2012

It was kind of inevitable. First the glossy magazines tried to convince us all that floral pyjamas are THE thing to wear this season (and not just when you’ve got out of bed too late to get dressed for the school run). Now the fashion editors are busy telling us that slippers are, as Hilary Rose wrote in Saturday’s Times Magazine, “this season’s It shoe.”

Apparently the most sought-after slippers are by Charlotte Olympia (they come with an eye-watering £375 price tag), made of velvet and with a cat’s face sewn on the front. When I had a quick look online, they reminded me of a pair of slippers I wore as a child in the 1970s. But what do I know about cutting-edge fashion?

The article said that everyone from Alexa Chung (who’d look good in anything) to Beyoncé is wearing slippers out and about these days, but I can’t say I’ve spotted anyone in my neck of the woods in them yet.

But then again, they do look blissfully comfy – and effortless to walk in. I wonder if I should pop into the shoe shop up the road and buy a cheap pair there? So if you see me wearing slippers at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival next week, don’t assume I’ve completely lost the plot. You never know, we could all be wearing them soon.

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  • I wear comfy shoes all the time – I’m of an age to – but slippers in the street? It’ll be headscarves over curlers again next

  • Hi Catherine. I LOVE comfy shoes, but not sure about wearing slippers out either. And do you know, I think you could be right about headscarves and curlers!!

  • Spotted a pair on a cute young woman on the Toronto subway this weekend. Fleece-lined moccasin type. Now I get it. It’s in, or… perhaps she just woke up in too much of a fog from Friday night to find her outdoor shoes on Saturday morning.

  • I love my slippers and when in the house I never have them off. I wouldn’t go out in them though. But I do reckon the season’s “in” slippers will look more like flat shoes than slippers!

    CJ x

  • Hi Crystal Jigsaw. I’m going to keep looking but I just spotted a pair in the Russell & Bromley window in Oxford and they definitely looked like slippers! But maybe we’ll all be wearing them soon!

  • I’m sorry but this one is a real “Emperor’s Clothes.” Slippers look ridiculous outside the house!

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