Taking Sides

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 9th March 2013

Juliette Ward is tired of trying to be superwoman. Her job’s driving her crazy, her house has been burgled three times and she’s scared to let her six-year-old son out to play. But just as she persuades her family to move to the country, her DJ husband Joe promptly lands the breakfast show on a new London radio station.

Juliette knows he’d be mad to turn down his big break. But she hates the thought of swapping her stable marriage for a long-distance relationship. Big city versus country idyll? If only things were that simple…

Reviews for Taking Sides

Daily Mail

‘A neatly written tale that touches on some resonant themes of modern life,’

Book Club Associates

‘A warm, witty look at love, life and town versus country,’


‘A real delight,’

Ireland on Sunday

‘An engaging book,’