Hard Copy

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 9th March 2013

Anna Armitage is determined to reach the top as a news photo-journalist. She’s got the talent. She’s got the drive. All she needs is the luck…

Sam Turner, former Daily-News high-flyer, is on the slide. Too expensive to fire, the new management are hoping late call-outs to cover lousy stories will force him to resign.

So the Bella Fraser fiasco is the last thing either of them needs. The novice and the old hack screw up big time – and the supermodel splash goes to the Chronicle instead. But a great partnership has been born. Together, Anna and Sam just survive megalomaniac proprietors, ruthless news editors, a hawkish peer intent on introducing a privacy law – and Bella Fraser. Oh, and they might topple a Home Secretary or so along the way…

Reviews for Hard Copy

Daily Mail

‘A pacy expose… tightly written, with snappy dialogue,’

Daily Mirror

‘Fast and furious,’


‘Couldn’t put it down,’

Belfast Telegraph

‘If you enjoy pace, dialogue and a glimpse of life behind the headlines, you’ll love this’

Books Magazine

‘An authentic witty insight into life behind the headlines’