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The Cambridge Satchel Company’s sample sale

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 12th August 2012

The only item from my daughter’s schooldays that’s stood the test of time is her beloved brown leather satchel. I bought it for her when she started school at the age of four – and she still uses it. It’s pretty bashed up these days, but the other week a young woman tapped her on the shoulder in M&S and said: “I love your satchel. Where did you get it ...keep reading

Slippers – this season’s most sought-after shoes. Really?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 16th April 2012

It was kind of inevitable. First the glossy magazines tried to convince us all that floral pyjamas are THE thing to wear this season (and not just when you’ve got out of bed too late to get dressed for the school run). Now the fashion editors are busy telling us that slippers are, as Hilary Rose wrote in Saturday’s Times Magazine, “this season’s It shoe.” Apparently the most sought-after slippers ...keep reading

Satchels, blazers and ties – what’s the point of school uniform?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 12th April 2012

The fixation with school uniform is a mystery to me. Education secretary Michael Gove clearly believes blazers and ties are the key to success in schools while lots of commentators reckon uniform improves students’ behaviour, encourages loyalty and belonging and means pupils don’t compete to look cool. But as I’ve written in a previous blog, I don’t see why children can’t wear what they like – as long as it ...keep reading