I have written three contemporary novels, four romantic novellas and a children’s book. Click on the titles for more information.

Interviewing for Journalists

Interviewing for Journalists focuses on the central journalistic skill of how to ask the right questions in the right way. It is a practical and concise guide for all print and online journalists – professionals, students and trainees – who write news stories and features for newspapers, magazines and online publications. In the age of digital journalism, where computer-based research is easily available, this new edition seeks to emphasise the value ...keep reading

Love and Laughter

Love and Laughter is a collection of three of my romantic novellas. Love’s Hurdles is the story of Mimi Carter, a young British showjumper who’s desperate to win an Olympic gold medal in front of her London 2012 home crowd. White Christmas is the tale of two rival weather forecasters who bet on the likelihood of snow at Christmas and Beach Combing relates how a chance meeting with a brilliant surfer ...keep reading

Beach Combing

Impoverished art history student Lara Rawlinson thinks she has the perfect summer all mapped out. She is spending the holidays in Cornwall, working for the dazzling film star Jago Dunlop. But as Jago swans around film-sets and throws lavish parties, Lara is left entertaining his young son Alfie. Then one day, sunbathing on the beach, Lara is distracted by a brilliant surfer showing off in the waves. Inspired, she decides to take a surfing lesson ...keep reading


Lessons in Love

Alice Jackson faces the greatest test of her life. Her first teaching job. But this is no ordinary school. And after she falls for another teacher, it is Alice who is about to learn a lesson – in love. Downthorpe Hall is a boarding school for the rich and privileged, where the suitcases are filled with designer goods and the driveway is lined with chauffeur-driven Bentleys. In the space of ...keep reading


Taking Sides

Juliette Ward is tired of trying to be superwoman. Her job’s driving her crazy, her house has been burgled three times and she’s scared to let her six-year-old son out to play. But just as she persuades her family to move to the country, her DJ husband Joe promptly lands the breakfast show on a new London radio station. Juliette knows he’d be mad to turn down his big break. ...keep reading


White Christmas

Everyone dreams of a White Christmas. But nobody dreams of one quite as much as Hal Benson. An out-of-work actor, Hal has been hired as a stand-in weather forecaster by a ratings-chasing news channel. Hal couldn’t care less whether it rains or not. It is just a job. But then he meets Lizzie Foster. A rival weather forecaster, on a far more serious channel, Lizzie is bright, determined, fascinated by ...keep reading


School Ties

Downthorpe Hall. A posh boarding school in the Home Counties. Will Hughes has been installed as the new headmaster – fresh from working in an inner-city Comprehensive. Will knows there will be challenges ahead. Difficult parents, rebellious teenagers, and jealous teachers who will fight his attempts to reform the school. What he didn’t expect was a battle for his heart. But when he meets the fiercely ambitious deputy head Grace ...keep reading


Olympic Flames

Mimi Carter is the youngest member of the British showjumping team for London 2012. Fiercely competitive and a brilliant rider, she’s desperate to win an Olympic gold medal in front of her home crowd. But as injury threatens and an enigmatic old flame arrives back on the show jumping circuit, can she put her feelings to one side and realise her dream? And can she win her man and a ...keep reading


Moving On

Kate and Laura Hollingberry are sisters. But whilst they have a close relationship, they couldn’t be more different. While Laura is happy to get an undemanding little job to pass the time until she finds Mr. Right, Kate wants more out of life than a suitable husband. Determined to make her own way in life and not rely on her tycoon father’s money or influence, Kate’s taken a position at ...keep reading


Hard Copy

Anna Armitage is determined to reach the top as a news photo-journalist. She’s got the talent. She’s got the drive. All she needs is the luck… Sam Turner, former Daily-News high-flyer, is on the slide. Too expensive to fire, the new management are hoping late call-outs to cover lousy stories will force him to resign. So the Bella Fraser fiasco is the last thing either of them needs. The novice ...keep reading