Does anyone buy Easter presents?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 25th March 2013

IMG_1166How can it be Easter this weekend? I always associate Easter with the start of spring, cherry blossom and sitting on my parents’ sunny terrace in Dorset. It was often so glorious that we’d slap on the sun cream so we didn’t burn on the walk to the beach.

Well, it’s not going to be like that this year. It’s freezing, great swathes of the UK are blanketed in snow and I’m typing this at my desk in my winter coat (yes, indoors), scarf and Brora fingerless gloves.

Just to add to my confusion, I still haven’t cracked what to do about Easter presents either. With my husband and teenage son training hard for a London to Paris bike ride, the last thing anyone in our house wants for Easter is a chocolate egg. Their idea of a treat these days is a banana, a protein shake and an energy bar. There hasn’t been any chocolate in the house for weeks.

Worse still, for the first time in 21 years, my daughter won’t be home for Easter. Her university in Paris has already had its Easter break and students don’t get any more time off.

So the question is: does anyone buy Easter presents these days? A few years back we used to treat Easter like a junior version of Christmas, organising Easter egg hunts and exchanging presents like crazy. But in these austere (and bike training) times I’m going for a minimalist approach. I’ll buy tiny gifts for my children and we’ll have hot cross buns for our Easter Sunday breakfast, but after that it will business as usual. Or in my husband’s and son’s case, a mega-bike ride followed by an orange juice at Zappi’s Café.

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