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Does anyone buy Easter presents?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 25th March 2013

How can it be Easter this weekend? I always associate Easter with the start of spring, cherry blossom and sitting on my parents’ sunny terrace in Dorset. It was often so glorious that we’d slap on the sun cream so we didn’t burn on the walk to the beach. Well, it’s not going to be like that this year. It’s freezing, great swathes of the UK are blanketed in snow ...keep reading

Bettys – the top tea place in the land

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 9th April 2012

When my children were younger we always spent Easter in the Lake District – an idyllic place for fresh air, bracing walks round Derwentwater and Easter egg hunts overlooking the Newlands Valley. The last Easter we spent there, two years ago, was just a few months after the terrible Lake District floods, when towns and villages were cut off from the outside world and the whole area was turned into ...keep reading

Friday book review – Alys, Always by Harriet Lane

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Friday 6th April 2012

Snow, gridlocked traffic, hosepipe bans – the lead-up to Easter hasn’t exactly been cheery this year. In lots of ways I’m quite pleased to be hunkering down at home for the weekend with (hopefully) a stash of chocolate eggs and a pile of good books. If you’re doing the same in your neck of the woods and are looking for a great read, I can’t recommend Alys, Always highly enough. ...keep reading