What Susie Orbach told Daisy Lowe

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 8th January 2013

I’m a big fan of Grazia. The magazine’s target reader is probably a chic 20-something fashionista with legs up to her armpits so I must be one of Grazia’s oldest and least stylish fans – but what the hell, I love its eclectic mix of fashion, showbiz, news and culture.

And this week’s edition is a corker. As well as discussing whether girls should be taught to put careers before motherhood and offering the latest lowdown on Brangelina, it also features a great interview by journalist Shane Watson with the model Daisy Lowe. The daughter of designer Pearl Lowe and musician Gavin Rossdale, Daisy is only 24 but sounds sweet, unspoilt and impressively level-headed. She likes spending time with her mum, walking her dog, eating sweets and is usually in bed by midnight.

But apart from all that, the reason I enjoyed the piece so much was an anecdote Daisy told about Fat is a Feminist Issue author Susie Orbach.

Orbach’s daughter was one of Daisy’s best friends at school and Daisy remembers Orbach telling them: “You must eat. Do not listen to the pressures of society, you are beautiful girls and you will grow into beautiful women. You have nothing to worry about.”

What brilliant advice. I reckon Orbach’s words should be pinned up on the board of every secondary school in the land…

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  • What a liberating piece of advice! So sad that this generation has become “re-trapped” in the commercial and societal vice we prised ourselves out of.

    Equally sad that we eat for appearance and not health. Also that much of the food on sale is not worth the eating.

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