Lessons in Love – second in School Ties trilogy

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 23rd March 2013

lessons-in-love-emma-lee-potterFrom Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers to Jilly Cooper’s Wicked!, I’ve always been hooked on novels set in boarding schools. So when Endeavour Press asked me to write a series of novellas about a school, I jumped at the chance.

The first of the series, all published as short ebooks, was called School Ties. Now the second, Lessons in Love, is out and there will be a third later in the year.

Once again, it’s about Downthorpe Hall, a posh boarding school in the Cotswolds. But whereas the first novella was about the idealistic new head, Lessons in Love is the story of Alice Jackson, a young teacher in her very first job.

Straight out of teacher training, Alice soon realises she’s still got an awful lot to learn. The staff room is a minefield, the teenage pupils are tricky and an enigmatic teacher who takes Alice under his wing turns out to be the pariah of the school. Worse still, a billionaire parent asks her to keep an eye on his daughter – in return for a multi-million pound donation to the school.

So how on earth is Alice going to juggle troublesome classes, a new love affair and a fellow teacher who seems hellbent on destroying her career when it’s barely just begun?

Lessons in Love by Emma Lee-Potter

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