House With No Name Weekly Digest: From Laura Marling in concert to Nicolas Sarkozy’s kind gesture to David Cameron

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 5th November 2011

Every Saturday the House With No Name blog features some of the highlights of the week. I took this picture, by the way, as I walked along London’s Marylebone High Street and spotted Emma Bridgewater’s gorgeous shop window.

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PS: Five days into the NaBloPoMo challenge and I’m still going. But a friend from my days as a trainee journalist made me stop and think yesterday. She writes a lovely blog called The World from My Window, about life in rural Dorset, but she’s dubious about blogging so often. “I find it self-indulgent inflicting my blog on people twice a week, let alone every day,” she wrote. Hmmm. She’s definitely got a point, especially as in our early hack days we were instructed not to use the word “I” in news stories. What do you think ? Is blogging every day self-indulgent? I’d (sorry) love to know.

PPS: The most uplifting story in the UK this week was Adam King’s proposal to his girlfriend Lucy Rogers on the 19.57 commuter train home from London Euston. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video yet, you can watch it here.

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