Getting dressed for breakfast

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 26th March 2012

The world is divided into those who get dressed for breakfast and those who don’t.

A few years back I remember reading a story about students at an Oxford college being ordered to dress properly for breakfast. Apparently – shock, horror – the undergraduates had been turning up for their morning brew and cornflakes wearing skimpy nighties and no dressing gowns. Some appeared clad only in bath towels, prompting the dean to send out stern letters asking them to “dress appropriately.”

The dean’s words would be like water off a duck’s back as far as my lot are concerned. I can’t speak in the mornings till I’ve made myself a strong cup of Earl Grey so I certainly couldn’t cope with getting dressed first – or heaven forbid, putting on any make-up. And my children are pretty much the same. In fact my night owl daughter would quite happily drift around all day in her pyjamas (non-matching of course) while our former neighbours were perfectly used to seeing my son bouncing on the trampoline at dawn in his PJs.

My husband, however, is the complete opposite. He wandered into the kitchen this morning looking immaculate in a charcoal suit and pristine shirt (no tie, he says he’s never wearing one again) and stared in astonishment at the motley crew slumped at the table. And yes, by motley crew, I mean the rest of us!

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  • I’d never really thought about this…but I am a breakfast in PJs fan while DH is usually dressed. His parents always had tea then came to breakfast dressed…but then so do mine….which ruins that theory 🙂

  • Hi Liz. I thought it might be that men get dressed for breakfast and women don’t. But my son ruins that theory too, so I’m back to square one.

  • My husband would never dream of breakfasting before getting dressed, so we run an all up, all showered, all dressed then breakfast routine, however when he works away from home my son and I like nothing better than a pj morning!

  • I was brought up by my grandfather who served in WW2 and back then the world was a much better place to live. Children as well as adults had manners said yessir and no sir and didn’t come to breakfast in there night clothes. I have asked many people about this and the best answer I’ve heard was that it shows respect to the person who is cooking breakfast. But of course thats one more thing lacking today is respect for anyone.

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