Fergie’s pearls of wisdom

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 1st October 2013

IMG_2262Along with the demise of Mark Darcy (sob) and the tale of David Cameron’s trusty bread machine, the papers are awash with reports that Fergie and Prince Andrew might get married again. To each other.

Like the rest of the world I haven’t a clue whether they will or they won’t. But even if they are blissfully happy together I can’t see what the point would be. They are clearly devoted to their 20-something daughters and seem to have handled divorce with grace and aplomb, so why rock the boat by changing anything?

I vividly remember the day of their wedding back in 1986. I was a young Evening Standard reporter and along with the rest of the press pack sat high up in Westminster Abbey, with a bird’s eye view of the young bride and groom as they made their vows. The most entertaining moment came when pageboy Prince William refused to sit still and stuck his tongue out at the bridesmaids. An early sign that the second-in-line to the throne is no pushover.

I’ve never been a Prince Andrew fan but I’ve always had a soft spot for Fergie – despite all her faux pas. At heart she seems like a good sort and these days she has an increasing knack for saying sensible things. When she appeared at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival recently to promote her new children’s book, she encouraged everyone to write good, old-fashioned thank-you letters rather than send text messages.

“I am a stickler for it – a stickler that it takes five minutes, not five seconds, to sit down with a pen and paper and write a nice little note saying what a lovely dinner, thank you for going to so much trouble,” she said. “And put a stamp on it and post it, for goodness sake.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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