Wallpaper by Emma Bridgewater

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 11th May 2014

IMG_0671If you’re a fan of Emma Bridegwater’s beautiful china then dash out immediately and buy a copy of Country Living magazine.

The June issue includes an extract from Emma’s new book, Toast & Marmalade and Other Stories. It’s a lovely read and shows pictures of Emma’s iconic designs and the inspiration behind them.

It also reveals that the business is branching out in a new direction – collaborating on a range of material and wallpaper with Sanderson. The most gorgeous wallpaper of all is The Dresser, a bespoke, digitally printed number that conjures up Emma’s china laden dresser at home. I don’t know how much it costs but I’m sure Bridgewater fans will  snap up rolls and rolls of the stuff.

My favourite part of the feature focuses on Emma’s patchwork hobby. One of her creations is a patchwork for her daughter Margaret – made out of much-loved bits of material collected over the years, from old shirts belonging to Emma’s husband, Matthew Rice, to a snippet from a purple and white sarong of her late mother’s. The quilt is finished off with the words “Keep very cosy, darling Margaret.”

How lovely is that?

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