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Farewell to 2020

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 31st December 2020

I started writing my blog in 2011 and I’ve never had such a long gap between posts before. But even though I’ve written thousands of journalistic words this year I couldn’t bring myself to post a blog. It seemed inconsequential and pointless during the pandemic and anyway, it always got banished to the bottom of the to-do list, along with paperwork, tidying up my office and sorting out the massive ...keep reading

The bank wouldn’t let me pay in a cheque

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 10th December 2013

A cheque for £44.06 arrived in the post this morning. It was a refund from the solicitor who did the conveyancing on our house and was made out to my husband and me. Great, I thought. I’ll go and pay it into the bank. Except the bank wouldn’t let me. The cashier glanced at the cheque and said that because it was made out to both of us it had to be ...keep reading

A country wedding in Dorset

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 10th June 2012

Whenever someone asks me where I come from I look vague and say I’m not sure. My father was in the RAF when I was little and we moved house so many times I lost count. Actually, thinking back, nowhere really felt like home till we arrived in Dorset when I was 11. This weekend we were invited to a wedding in the wilds of Dorset and as we drove ...keep reading