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Bill Bryson and the art of curiosity

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 19th June 2014

Bill Bryson is one of my heroes. He writes like a dream, explains complicated stuff in the most entertaining way and seems like an all-round lovely man. I never drive through the Yorkshire Dales without thinking of the “Malhamdale wave” he described in Notes from a Small Island. We lived in North Yorkshire for three years and while everyone was incredibly welcoming I knew we’d have to live there for at ...keep reading

What 21st century teaching is all about

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 7th November 2011

“I wouldn’t last very long here,” admitted Sandy Nairne, director of London’s National Portrait Gallery after spending the morning at a primary school in Hackney, east London. Nairne was visiting Jubilee Primary School as part of a “job swap” organised by the Cultural Learning Alliance, an initiative where senior staff working in education and the arts spend a day shadowing each other to see what different jobs entail and to ...keep reading