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Extending parental leave for dads

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Friday 29th November 2013

The government’s plans to give men the chance to take up to 50 weeks of paternity leave are mystifying. Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is due to announce today that new mums and dads will be able to split the entitlement to take time off work after the birth of their child. Mr Clegg, who took an extended period of paternity leave when his first son was born, has criticised ...keep reading

The BBC’s Nick Robinson – and the perils of working from home

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 5th November 2012

BBC political editor Nick Robinson is a brilliant reporter. He always looks cool, calm and unflustered – even when he’s got scary deadlines to meet and major political stories to cover. He’s also got that rare journalistic knack of making the most complicated issues clear and intelligible. He’s particularly good on Radio Four’s Today programme, where he often pops up to detangle the political complexities of the day. Yesterday Robinson ...keep reading