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A tale of two cooks

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 3rd November 2013

The rain was almost horizontal, the sky was pitch black and despite his satnav he’d struggled to find our house. But none of this dampened the supermarket delivery man’s spirits. He cheerfully deposited five bags of groceries in the kitchen, apologised for the missing Rachel’s yoghurt and promised to put a note on the system so the journey would be easier for the next driver. I’ve rarely bothered with online ...keep reading

Parties – from Gloria Gaynor to electrofunk

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 1st November 2012

I’ve never seen my best friend look quite so stunned. It was her birthday and instead of walking into Carluccio’s for a quiet dinner with her husband she was greeted instead by a noisy crowd of family and friends. “I had no idea,” she kept saying over and over again – completely staggered that we’d pitched up from all over the place to celebrate her big day. For some reason ...keep reading

Pippa Middleton’s party book deal

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 29th November 2011

Twitter was awash with amazement yesterday that Pippa Middleton has signed a deal worth £400,000 to write her first book. And no, she’s not spilling the beans on growing up with her elder sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. She’s being paid to write a guide on party planning for publisher Michael Joseph. They weren’t the only ones falling over themselves to buy the book either. Apparently it was the subject ...keep reading