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In memory of Ruth Rendell

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Wednesday 17th February 2016

I adored Ruth Rendell’s books and as today would have been her 86th birthday I‘m rerunning part of a blog I wrote about her back in 2013. It has just been announced, by the way, that a new award is being launched in her memory by the National Literacy Trust and the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. The annual Ruth Rendell Award will be presented to the author or writer who has ...keep reading

Oxford Literary Festival – Ruth Rendell

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Friday 22nd March 2013

Interviewing is an awful lot harder than it looks. But when someone does it well it’s a joy. Peter Kemp, chief fiction reviewer at the Sunday Times, did a splendid job with Sue Townsend at the Oxford Literary Festival this week and he was just as good when he interviewed crime doyenne Ruth Rendell two days later. He was authoritative, entertaining and knew Rendell’s books like the back of his ...keep reading

Oxford Literary Festival – Sue Townsend

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 19th March 2013

Sue Townsend doesn’t give many interviews so I was determined not to miss her appearance at the Oxford Literary Festival this week. She’s 66 now, registered blind, confined to a wheelchair and suffered a stroke at Christmas. But for a whole glorious hour, her anecdotes about her childhood, her work and how she came to write her Adrian Mole books made the audience at the Sheldonian Theatre rock with laughter. ...keep reading