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Don’t forget Mother’s Day

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 29th March 2014

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and I hope that sons and daughters everywhere will be telling their mums how much they love them. My mother died a decade ago so I’ve decided to re-run one of my earliest blogs, explaining what the day feels to me now. Walking past the florist’s shop at this time of year makes me sad. They’re getting ready for Mother’s Day and the pavement outside is ...keep reading

A Mother’s Day meme

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 17th March 2012

It’s nearly a year since I started House With No Name and I’ve learned so much about blogging in that time. Twelve months ago I was utterly clueless about guest posts and tags and SEO and Stumbleupon, so it’s been a massive (but fun) learning curve. And today I’ve discovered yet another blogging term I didn’t know anything about – the meme. I had to look it up and it ...keep reading