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Hopelessly addicted to tea – and my own special Teapigs blend

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 26th June 2012

From PG Tips to M&S’s Empress Grey, I’m hopelessly addicted to tea. I drink about eight cups a day, and very often have two on the go at once. When we cross the Channel to France I make sure I’ve got a few packets of tea stashed in my luggage because French tea just doesn’t taste the same at all. And when I gave up alcohol in the New Year, ...keep reading

What to drink in Dry January

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 19th January 2012

“Are you trying out every soft drink that’s ever been made?” asked my son as I arrived back from the supermarket carrying an embarrassingly large bag of clinking bottles. His eyes gleamed as I unloaded Diet Coke, orange juice, ginger beer and elderflower cordial on to the kitchen table. Yes, it’s Dry January and, as usual, I’m struggling to find anything I fancy drinking. Giving up alcohol is the easy ...keep reading