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The Cool Dorset Guide: Brassica

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 26th June 2016

What a horrible few days. I still can’t quite believe that the UK has done something so crazy. I’m shocked and devastated at the catastrophic decision made by the British electorate on Thursday. I keep hoping that the whole thing will turn out to be like Bobby Ewing’s “death” on Dallas – that we’ll wake up in a few days time and find that the whole sorry mess is a ...keep reading

An evening at Slice

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 30th November 2014

I speak to my son on the phone several times a week but one day I looked at the calendar and realised that it was a whole two months since I’d seen him. That was it. I checked that he was free for the evening, booked into Morgans Hotel in Swansea (I may be an intrepid reporter but I’m not intrepid enough to stay in a student house inhabited by seven ...keep reading

Pineapples, Pinot Grigio and a cycling mag

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 3rd May 2014

Food shopping has never been my favourite pastime but the news that I’d been chosen to be a #MorrisonsMum made a bank holiday trip to the supermarket infinitely more pleasurable. Morrisons has slashed the price of 1,200 everyday food essentials by up to 60 per cent and as part of the store’s campaign they sent a host of lucky BritMums bloggers £80 worth of vouchers to spend. Since we moved to ...keep reading

The Coalhouse at Oxwich Bay

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 17th August 2013

Up until recently I’d never set foot on the stunning Gower peninsula. I just about knew it was in South Wales but I’d have been hard pressed to say precisely where. But after lots of recent visits the Gower has become one of my favourite places in the UK. It only  stretches for 19 miles but the coastline is wild and windswept and the beaches are completely unspoiled. Incidentally, I ...keep reading