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Waiting for the Tour de France

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Forget the World Cup and Wimbledon, there’s a far more exciting event on the sporting horizon. What is it? The Tour de France of course. This year’s Tour kicks off in Leeds on Saturday. It’s only the second time in the event’s 111-year history that it’s started in the UK and it’s going to be big. Around three million spectators are expected to line the route, Bettys, cake makers par excellence, ...keep reading

Two days in James Herriot country

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Saturday 29th December 2012

The advantage of moving around a lot is that you feel at home in most places. And that was certainly the case when we made a two-day trip to North Yorkshire this week. We lived in James Herriot country for three years and I’ve got very happy memories of our time there. We renovated a three-bedroom farmhouse with glorious views across the fields and moved in when my daughter was ...keep reading

Bettys – the top tea place in the land

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 9th April 2012

When my children were younger we always spent Easter in the Lake District – an idyllic place for fresh air, bracing walks round Derwentwater and Easter egg hunts overlooking the Newlands Valley. The last Easter we spent there, two years ago, was just a few months after the terrible Lake District floods, when towns and villages were cut off from the outside world and the whole area was turned into ...keep reading

The best shops in the country

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 8th December 2011

Moving out of London was bliss. Except for one tiny detail. The shopping. Years of London living, with a friendly deli down the road and the bright lights of Oxford Street just a bus ride away, had definitely spoiled me. The farmhouse on a moody, windswept hill we moved to was heaven but the local shops were dire. I could have cried the day I pitched up in the nearest ...keep reading