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How self published author Nick Spalding became an Amazon bestseller

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 26th July 2012

“Kindles and eBooks are changing the landscape of publishing. You can reach an audience and create a buzz online. I think publishers are still important in terms of editing, marketing and getting into bookshops, but self publishing can be another route to that.” Those were the astute words of crime writer Stephanie Merritt (aka SJ Parris, author of detective novels like Heresy and Prophecy) at a recent Red magazine event ...keep reading

Fifty Shades trilogy sells more than a million on Kindle in the UK

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 26th June 2012

My first romantic novella, Olympic Flames, has just been published as an ebook and like every writer I know, I check every other hour to see how many copies it has sold. But my jaw dropped this morning when a press release from Amazon dropped into my in-box. EL James, the London-based mother-of-two who created the hit Fifty Shades trilogy, has just become the first author to sell more than ...keep reading

Amanda Hocking and Kerry Wilkinson – self publishers extraordinaire

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 12th February 2012

Self publishing used to be the Cinderella of the book industry. Critics looked down their noses at self-published books and assumed self publishing (or “vanity publishing,” as it was snootily called) was the desperate last resort of writers who’d failed to find a mainstream publisher for their work. But how things have changed. It recently emerged that US author Amanda Hocking makes more than £1 million a year from her ...keep reading

The trials and tribulations of online Christmas shopping

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Monday 19th December 2011

Like most people, I’ve done loads of my shopping online this Christmas. Instead of flogging round the shops in the freezing cold I’ve sat in the warmth of my office sipping coffee and choosing presents from Amazon, Topshop and other shopping emporiums. It’s so quick and easy that I wasn’t surprised in the least to read that online sales have doubled to ten per cent since 2000 and are predicted ...keep reading