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Three days in Stockholm

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Wednesday 22nd October 2014

A friend who has three daughters and two granddaughters organises a “daughters’ day” every year. It can be anything – lunch at a posh restaurant, an evening at the theatre or a day at a spa hotel. What a brilliant idea, I thought, so I promptly went and organised a daughter’s day myself. Or three days as it turned out. After lots of discussion we decided to go to Stockholm, ...keep reading

Banned from buying Pinot Grigio

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Friday 8th November 2013

Eight pm on a wet Wednesday in November and my daughter and I were driving back to Dorset. We’d been stuck in rush-hour traffic for hours so we decided to stop at a motorway service station, buy a coffee and pick up some groceries from the supermarket. At the last minute I threw a bottle of Pinot Grigio into the shopping basket and, chattering 19 to the dozen, we patiently ...keep reading