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Will I get talked into buying a 2CV?

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Wednesday 20th July 2011

As building work continues apace on the House with No Name, the question of how we’re going to get around the rural back roads of southern France without a car is rearing its inquisitive head. We can bike to the nearest village for croissants and milk but for trips further afield we’ll need four wheels rather than two. If I am going to buy a car in France then the ...keep reading

Dreaming of a second-hand 2CV

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Tuesday 19th April 2011

Slowly, slowly, the French farmhouse I bought on a mad whim back in 2006 is coming back to life. My husband and children always promised it would but, being a wimp, I had my doubts. We still haven’t managed to sleep a night there yet, but the tumbledown six-bedroom wreck with half a roof, terrible damp problem and bathroom inhabited by a plague of rats is looking – and I ...keep reading